Andre Jackson Shooting Form


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Mar 28, 2009
So the numbers on 3 pointers went from 11% to 36.1%, with AJ picking his spots carefully. However, to many basketball purists, his shooting form looked horrific despite the results, and the question is whether he should see a shooting coach to overhaul his awkward looking form? Or whether you let him keep using it and hope for continued improvement on the numbers, if not the aesthetics of it?

Lonzo Ball is an excellent comp here. Like AJ, he is a strong rebounder and passer who needed to develop his shot. He did so in the NBA with New Orleans Pelicans assistant coach Fred and look at this steady increase in the 3 point shooting numbers:

2017-18: 30.5%
2018-19: 32.9%
2019-20: 37.5%
2020-21: 37.8%
2021-22: 42.3%

The significant improvement happened in 2019-20 when LAL traded Ball to NO. Now he has become a marksman.

There are actually videos on the internet showing Ball's before and after shooting mechanics and a difference can be observed.

So how about we do the same with AJ? Or do you just leave him alone and let him shoot it how he wants to?

the Blades

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Jan 20, 2003
Since Andre already shoots off the wrong foot, maybe he should try learning this oldschool shot that has
reemerged in the NBA.....

PS KSTW ---- your thread title would be alot better if added the word form to the end..... AJ shooting sounds like a bad news headline....:confused:


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