UConn Men's Basketball Postgame (Florida State) - 12/8/18


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Aug 28, 2004
7-3 with wins over all the teams we should beat and havent beat a team that is better than us. Sounds about right.

Dan has this team doing well, trying VERY HARD and getting about as much as you can get with only a few months with 90% someone elses players.

I am prepared for a long season and am VERY happy with the effort he is getting from all but one. Jalen needs to step up......Dan yells at him to shoot more and he doesnt......kid is hard headed but has GREAT talent. It isnt this bad but a great man said once, " you cant fix stupid"

Side note: Hurley needs to possibly tone down the sideline antics with the refs, it will back fire and it might have already started to.

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