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Discussion in 'UConn Basketball' started by the Blades, Apr 30, 2018.

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    Uconn is now the top ranked team (RPI) in the conference after winning another AAC series....despite recent injuries to two starting pitchers and two other starters including the AAC homerun leader.

    DI College Baseball Rankings - RPI | (Uconn #13)

    Also don't ask Jim Penders about moving to the Big East, the AAC is currently ranked as the #3 conference (6 teams in the top 50) in all of college baseball ahead of the ACC, PAC-12 and B1G....... Even AAC newbie Wichita St. is highly ranked at #19 in RPI... but in the AAC they're only in 8th place. The BE hardly even measures as a BB conference, FWIW and is 12th.

    2018 College Baseball Conference RPI

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    The AAC is good for UConn in baseball primarily because all these teams are located south and not in the north like the Big East teams. Baseball requires warmer weather ideally and it’s easier to sell recruits playing in a better weather area.

    East Carolina is ranked #12 and UConn #19 in the latest top 25 poll. Florida is #1 and in recent years they have had some pitchers that got drafted very high. Oregon State is another school in the top 5 which has become known for its development of pitchers.

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