Geno Fires Back at McGraw Over Alleged UConn Bias By ESPN

the Blades

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Jan 20, 2003
Poor Miss Muffet, LOL!...... Old, regretful, unimportant and bitter is no way to waste away in 9th inning of your life.

But seriously if she had a fricken' clue.... ESPN has done more to damage the Uconn during the corporate raids of its conference partners (numerous times over the years) that they've done irreparable financial harm to Uconn Nation.. So they're no friend of the Huskies, unless they can squeeze every last dime from us.

Maybe she needs to stay in her lane and just be happy that her darling vagabound Irish get to keep collecting their gluttonous pay checks, from all parties they can ! (NBC, ESPN, the ACC, & B1G Networks etc.)
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