Eric Bossi on Akok Akok and Precious Achiuwa

Discussion in 'UConn Basketball' started by tcf_15, Oct 25, 2018.

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    Contenders: Connecticut, Kansas, Memphis, St. John's, Syracuse and others.

    Early or late: Late.

    Breakdown: UConn was considered the early leader and certainly still has a shot. St. John's was also thought to be strong too. Achiuwa hasn't really declared if he will sign early or late but it's looking like he will wait. Keep an eye out for Memphis. His visit there in October seemed to come out of the blue and Penny Hardaway could have the Tigers picking up some steam.

    Contenders: Final five of Connecticut, Georgetown, Pittsburgh, Providence and Syracuse.

    Early or late: Early.

    Breakdown: Akok's lone remaining official visit to take is Pittsburgh and he's knocking that out over the next few days. A decision might not follow immediately, however Akok should be ready to decide relatively soon. There were rumors that he committed to UConn after his visit there but he shot them down. The Huskies do, however, appear to be in pretty good shape and would be our pick if we had to call any school the leader.

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