Architect of the Big East's darkest days passes away

the Blades

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Jan 20, 2003
Can't really blame Marinatto as much as Tranghese for giving one of his PC loyalists a job he should've never gotten. The biggest blunder BOTH of them had while serving the conference was they never emphasized the value of football to the hoops schools or cared enough about it.

As they catered to much to the Catholics and PC. Tranghese later admitted all he could care about anymore was PC after the thing completely imploded in 2013. If the PC guys who lead this thing, starting with Gavitt, only had the insight to lead the conference by adding Penn St. , (How Penn State Could've Saved Big East Football ) when they wanted to join ( Uconn voted for em' ), then it could've been the Big East raiding the ACC, instead of the other way around. Then when they had a 2nd chance to expand BE football in 2003 they decided to add 2 more hoop schools, instead, which added nothing to the Big East in terms TV revenue or stability.

Sad to hear that Marinatto's life was one of regret after the BE fell apart but if the PC contingent had been replaced years ago by someone who understood and lead the conference in terms of FB and TV revenue.... The Big East would still be rolling as one of the most powerful P-5 conferences in the country, with Uconn a founding member.

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